Sunday, April 14, 2013


It has been a while since I have posted and just as long since my last race. I have had a very good block of training and I am just about ready for the next 4 weeks when I have races planned for each weekend.

I did race in Berkeley about a month ago but the result was very poor and not worth discussing.

I spent a long weekend in Philly and although it was very cold, I still went on a couple bike rides to keep building the fitness. The consistency has been paying off and I have been getting stronger every week. I set a personal best time up mt diablo a few days ago and have been doing long race simulations on the weekends with the house of pain ride.

My next race is at the sea otter classic at Laguna seca. Yes, we are racing on the famous track near Monterey, my dad and I went there last year for the first time to watch the motogp race but this time I will be on the track (although with a lot less horsepower).

I don't like setting my expectations too high but I really feel that there is no way that I will be dropped in this race and with such a hilly course I am expecting it to be pretty selective. I am not sure how many will be in the field but I think it would be disappointing if I wasn't in the top half of the field at the very least. Only time will tell, for now I am off to an easy training ride.

P.S. due to Kelsey's new bump I bought her this helmet so that she can be more aerodynamic.

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